HackOx is a web-based pentesting framework which implements a fully customizable user interface for nearly any tool out there. It can be operated two different modes: portable mode, in which you connect directly to the device and remote mode, that will connect the device on where it's installed to your own control for remote controlling (supports multiple devices). The interface can be customized by adding modules, which extend the core functions and implements tools running on linux and apps, which are scripts that can be executed with/without arguments and will generate a plain text output.

30/12/2017 UPDATE: We thought hackOx could be released during the #34C3, but since being students != having time, we couldn't get everything ready... We're sorry for this and will try to finish everything as soon as possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
02/01/2018 UPDATE: We might open the code for some beta testers: https://twitter.com/hackOx_dev/status/948549859732226050
03/01/2018 UPDATE: The main hackOx core is 100% done, and now we're working on some modules and apps, documentation and making minor changes!

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